LiteHawk CHAMPION Remote Controlled Speeder Boat - RC Ship # 285-21007

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LiteHawk F1 Style boats are back! Race through the waves at blistering speeds all while maintaining pinpoint control. Water cooled electronics keep CHAMPION performing at the highest levels for maximum enjoyment.

Big brother to the LiteHawk CHAMP, the CHAMPION brings some large-scale improvements. Foremost on this list is CHAMPION's 'self righting' technology. In the event of a flip, CHAMPION can turn itself back over without any aid from the operator. Stay safe and dry on the shore without any worry of CHAMPION becoming flipped and stranded in the water. CHAMPION brings all-new technology to the table that has never before been seen on a LiteHawk Marine Vehicle: Self Righting capability! In the event of a flip, CHAMPION's left pontoon will flood with water, turning the boat over. The left pontoon is isolated from the main electronics so the boat will not flood. Water is drained when CHAMPION regains speed.

Like all LiteHawk products, CHAMPION is factory tested and ready to run. Everything needed to run the vehicle is included in the box. Remote, vehicle battery, charging peripherals, instructions, and the CHAMPION boat are all included.


  • Self Righting Hull
  • Durable Components
  • Speed 35km/h (22mph)
  • High Output 550 Motor and ESC are all water cooled - protecting them from overheating!
  • Top Cover is fitted with a water resistant gasket!
  • Twin-hull design lifts the boat out of the water at high speed.
  • Controller and Boat Stand Included
  • Rechargeable NIMH battery with Wall Mount charger included
  • Reusable packaging so you can easily store your toy and keep all the accessories together!

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