Steren Cair Pressure Car Kit

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Learning how energy is transformed has never been so simple, this kit to build is a car that is driven with pressure air, with it you will know the principles of mechanics and pneumatic in an entertaining and fun way.

It is the perfect gift for children who like science and technology, it is very easy to put together, you do not need specialized tools or complicated to use and its design is modern and very attractive.

The system of the kit consists of pumping and accumulating air to a container, then pushing the car a little so that the air is injected under pressure and generates movement through a mechanical system constituted by gears, pulleys and pistons, and thus the car is launched at full speed, can travel up to 50 meters.

This kit is totally ecological since it does not require any polluting fuel or batteries. Entertain and learn by putting it together and spend hours of fun.

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