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DJ-BOT by LiteHawk (Orange Slice)

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Introducing DJ, an incredible little robot that has the “IT” factor. Charisma that will entertain, inspire and create excitement! DJ-BOT is the companion that gets the party started, combining Music and dance with programing science. Available in 3 colours to fit your person style. Orange slice, Raspberry, and Lime Twist.


Loaded with tech DJ-BOT is many things:

  • Bluetooth speaker that dances to the beat.
  • Joke telling comedian.
  • App enabled Bluetooth control lets you take charge.
  • Program your own dance moves frame by frame.
  • Learn to code
  • Program emoji faces to show DJ’s mood.
  • DJ can avoid objects when controlled through the direction pad.
  • Run’s for over 90mins on a charge, USB charge cord included
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